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14 Jan 2022
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Explore Rivera Maya

Exploring Riviera Maya upgrades any beach trip into a cultural immersion vacation and adventure. Wander down dusty roads and uncover the many secrets of a land that will fill your senses as you walk among prehispanic pyramids.

Chichen Itza

The awe-inspiring Maya city of Chichen Itza offers the best example of Puuc style architecture (a Maya style influenced by the Toltecs). 


Decidedly unique among Yucatecan archaeological sites, Coba offers a glimpse of the great Mayan cities grown over by dense jungle, as they must have been seen by the first Europeans to arrive in the New World. 

Ek Balam

Ek Balam is located just north of Valladolid and well worth the two-hour trip from Akumal to visit. At Ek Balam, restoration has been ongoing since 1997. The Acropolis is the largest restored building, measuring 480 feet across, 180 feet wide and 96 feet tall.


Muyil (or Chunyaxché) is one of the 22 prehispanic settlements inside the Sian Ka'an Biosphere and is situated approximately 15 kilometers south of Tulum Pueblo on Highway 307.


One of the most heavily visited attractions, these cliff-top ruins create a dramatic vision, keeping quiet watch over the white sandy beaches and the blue Caribbean Sea below.


Uxmal is considered by many archaeologists to be one of the finest examples of an ancient Maya city. It is also one of the most fascinating and moving to visit. Much detail still remains on the ruins.

Do Plan Before You Go

Be sure to know when, where, and how much entrance fees are before leaving your vacation rental. A simple 2-3 hour trip can easily turn into an 8-hour adventure eating away from your time on the beach. Save yourself the guesswork and contact Akumal Direct Reservations concierge services to book a private guided tour during your stay.